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Abstract #0475

Echo-based Single Point Imaging: A Novel Pulsed EPR Imaging Modality for High Spatial & Spectral Resolution for In Vivo Quantitative Oximetry

Sankaran Subramanian1, Nallathamby Devasahayam1, Shingo Matsumoto1, Murali C. Krishna1

1National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

Two main approaches are currently in vogue for time-domain spectroscopic EPR imaging. The first one is Single Point Imaging involving global phase encoding which gives high resolution images, where the oximetry, however, is a T2* based approach relying on apparent line widths. The second approach for EPR oximetric imaging utilizes the conventional 90-τ-180 Spin-Echo pulse and filtered back-projection. The image is T2-weighted but the resolution is subject to susceptibility broadening. A novel time-domain spectroscopic EPR imaging approach, that is a unique combination of the above-mentioned techniques, is presented here. It provides quantitative T2 based oximetry combined with line-width-independent high resolution.