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Abstract #0476

Rapid In Vivo Quantification of Oxygen Concentration in Blood Flow with a Fluorine Nanoparticle Reporter & a Novel Blood Enhanced Saturation Recovery (BESR) Sequence

Lingzhi Hu1, Junjie Chen1, Shelton D. Caruthers1, Gregory M. Lanza1, Samuel A. Wickline1

1Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA

We demonstrate the application of PFC nanoemulsion as a blood oxygen pressure probe with use of a novel blood enhanced saturation recovery like (BESR) pulse sequence. Compared to the traditional Look-Locker sequence, the BESR sequence is insensitive to B1 and B0 field inhomogeneity and pulsatile in-flow effects. Compared to the traditional invasive measurement using cardiac catheter, the BESR sequence may provide a simple and rapid method for non-invasive assessment blood oxygenation in vivo.