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Abstract #0529

Frequency-Selective Asymmetric Spin-Echo EPI with Parallel Imaging For Fast Internally Referenced MR Thermometry

Markus Nikola Streicher1, Andreas Schfer1, Dirk Mller1, Carsten Kgler1, Enrico Reimer1, Bibek Dhital1, Robert Trampel1, Debra Rivera1, Andr Pampel1, Dimo Ivanov1, Robert Turner1

1Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

The proton resonance frequency shift MR thermometry method is inherently very sensitive to magnetic field perturbations in time. We simulated and tested a new referenced spin-echo (SE) EPI sequence which solves these problems reliably, efficiently and quickly. Frequency-selectivity of the SE sequence is achieved by using different slice-select gradient amplitudes for excitation and refocusing, making it easy to image water and a reference substance separately. The sequence alternately images each species, and thereby allows fast voxel-wise correction for magnetic field changes in a working range of 1ppm and excitation flip angles from 0 to 130.