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Abstract #0547

Highly Accelerated Dynamic 3D Hyperpolarized Lung Imaging

Sebastian Kozerke1,2, Salma Ajraoui3, Thomas Eykyn4, Reza Razavi4, Jim M. Wild3

1Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University & ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland; 2Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, King's College London, London, United Kingdom; 3Unit of Academic Radiology, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom; 4Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, King's College London, United Kingdom

Dynamic hyperpolarized helium-3 imaging has been shown to provide assessment of air trapping in obstructive lung disease. A key requirement for imaging ventilation heterogeneity concerns dynamic volumetric coverage of the lung at sufficient spatiotemporal resolution. The present work introduces feedback-regularized k-t PCA for dynamic hyperpolarized gas imaging. It is demonstrated that the synergistic combination of partial Fourier and k-t sampling allows for more than 12-fold net increases in scan efficiency relative to fully sampled 3D lung imaging. In-vivo dynamic 3D data acquired during inhalation and wash-out of hyperpolarized helium-3 gas illustrate the value of the method proposed.