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Abstract #0628

Ultrasound/MR Hybrid Imaging: Truly Simultaneous Motion Monitoring in the Abdomen & Image Co-Registration

Lorena Petrusca1, Valeria De Luca2, Patrik Arnold3, Zarko Celicanin4, Thomas Goget5, Vincent Auboiroux5, Magalie Viallon5, Francesco Santini4, Sylvain Terraz5, Klaus Scheffler4, Christine Tanner2, Philippe Cattin3, Rares Salomir5

1Radiology Department, University Hospitals of Geneva , Geneva , Switzerland; 2Computer Vision Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland; 3Center for Medical Images Analysis, Basel, Switzerland; 4Radiological Physics, University of Basel Hospital, Switzerland; 5Radiology Department, University Hospitals of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Simultaneous US and MR acquisition is a hybrid method that offers a complementary description of the investigated anatomy. The study on healthy volunteers presented here with simultaneous 4DMRI/dynamic 2D ultrasound showed that the technical set-up is appropriate for clinical use and no significant RF mutual interferences were detectable in the acquired images. Post-processing of dual modality data permitted the accurate registration of the same imaging plane in US and MR images, and to overlay the 4DMRI motion vectors on the simultaneous US images from the abdomen during free breathing.