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Abstract #0737

Longitudinal Hepatocellular Lipid Levels (IHCL) On Ob/Ob Mice & the Correlation to Insulin Levels

Qiong Ye1, Carsten Friedrich Danzer2, Divya Vats1, Markus Rudin1,3

1University & ETH Zrich, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Zrich, 8093, Switzerland; 2Institute of Cell Biology, Zrich, Switzerland; 3Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Zrich, Switzerland

Progression of hepatocellular lipid (IHCL) levels was investigated with 1H MRS on mouse of obesity model and correlated with blood plasma insulin levels. In this work, accurate quantification of IHCL was obtained with T2 correction and long TR avoiding T1 saturation. From the results, the IHCL levels were significantly higher in ob/ob mice than their age-matched ob/+ control mice at all ages studies. No increase was observed in IHCL of ob/ob mice at all the ages, though there were considerable fluctuations in the values. In contrast, IHCL values in ob/+ mice increased as a function of age. A significant correlation between IHCL and blood plasma insulin levels has been observed in ob/ob mice at the observation period.