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Abstract #0741

Model for Manganese Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of Passive & Glucose-Stimulated Active Pancreatic β Cell Function

Anita Himansu Dhyani1, Xiaobing Fan1, Lara Leoni1, Brian B. Roman1

1Radiology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Pancreatic microvasculature alterations may be a biomarker for diabetes. A model of dynamic manganese enhanced MRI was developed to monitor pancreatic beta cell function and vasculature modifications by passive/glucose-stimulated kinetics in normal/diabetic mice. Passive Mn uptake in the pancreas over time was fit by an empirical mathematical model; active Mn uptake was evaluated by calculating the angle between the linear slope pre- and post-glucose injection. Beta cell loss and alteration in vasculature in the diabetic pancreatic tail was indicated by a decreased uptake rate compared to normal. This imaging technique is a potential methodology for assessing diabetes progression or therapy.