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Abstract #0933

Pulmonary T2* Dependence on the Lung Volume: Preliminary Results

Iga Muradyan1, Mirko Hrovat2, Mikayel Dabaghyan3, James Butler4, Hiroto Hatabu3, Samuel Patz3

1Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States; 2Mirtech, Inc.; 3Brigham & Womens Hospital; 4Harvard School of Public Health

Breathing is accompanied with alveolar shape changes: at lower lung volumes alveoli are more spherical, while at higher lung volumes they assume more polyhedral shape. Such changes can affect the field homogeneity in the tissue due to air-tissue susceptibility difference. We hypothesized that lung volume will affect pulmonary T2* and measured it at 3 lung volumes: near RV, FRC and TLC. The signal behavior with TE suggested that T2* does not follow mono-exponential function and more sophisticated model is necessary for proper T2* estimation. The lung data suggests a small increase of T2* with lung volume.