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Abstract #0972

Evaluation of Gd-DTPA Contrast Enhancement of Lung & Metastatic Tumor with Ultra-Short Echo-Time Imaging

Daisuke Kokuryo1, Ichio Aoki1, Tsuneo Saga1

1Molecular Imaging Center, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan

Ultra-short echo-time (UTE) imaging promises to be a powerful tool for lung parenchyma imaging. In this paper, signal changes in lung parenchyma and metastatic tumor induced by a positive contrast agent were evaluated using 3D UTE imaging for several flip angles. The signal intensity of UTE images in lung increased after Gd-DTPA administration. The enhancement was larger for FAs ≥ 10. The signal intensity of UTE images in tumor was also enhanced by Gd-DTPA. The results will be useful for optimizing chemotherapy with tumor targeting nanoparticles.