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Abstract #1009

Bilateral Breast Imaging using IDEAL Fat-Water Separation & an Undersampled 3D Radial BSSFP Acquisition

Leah C. Henze-Bancroft1, Catherine J. Moran2, Scott B. Reeder3,4, Frederick Kelcz4, Walter F. Block3

1Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI, United States; 2Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA; 3Department of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI; 4Department of Radiology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI

Bilateral breast MR is important for the screening of high risk women. Standard T2-weighted breast imaging must be performed for each breast separately and is limited in resolution due to long scan times. We present a 3D-radial balanced SSFP sequence with IDEAL fat/water separation capable of simultaneously acquiring data across both breasts to provide fat and water separated images with T2-like weighting and 0.6 mm isotropic resolution, in clinically acceptable scan times.