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Abstract #1010

Associations of Breast MR Derived Vascular, Shape & Texture Parameters with Histological Prognostic Indicators

Martin D. Pickles1, Peter Gibbs1, Martin Lowry1, Lindsay W. Turnbull1

1Centre for MR Investigations, University of Hull, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The aim of this work was to determine if there were any associations between pre-treatment MR derived vascular, texture and shape parameters with traditional histopathological based prognostic markers. The result of this work provides limited support to the findings of previous investigations that have demonstrated significant associations between MR derived vascular kinetics and histopathological markers of prognosis. Additionally, this work has revealed significant associations between MR texture and shape parameters with traditional prognostic indicators. Moreover texture parameters were retained by the logistic regression analysis model more often than both vascular and shape descriptors.