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Abstract #1039

Lactate Detection in Inducible & Orthotopic Breast Cancer Models

Sergey Magnitsky1, George Belka2, Christopher Sterner2, Lewis A. Chodosh2, Jerry D. Glickson1

1Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States; 2Cancer Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The steady state level of lactate was measured in orthotopic and inducible tumor models of breast cancer. A lower level of lactate was detected in vivo in the inducible model, while ex vivo detection in both models revealed similar lactate level. One of the reasons of this phenomenon may be due to higher amounts of fat tissue in the inducible model compared to the orthotopic model. The inducible breast cancer model not only better recapitulates biological aspects of human disease, but also provides additional characteristics related to the detection of lactate that are not available in orthotopic or xenograft models.