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Abstract #1038

Quantitative 1H MRS of the Normal Human Breast

Patrick J. Bolan1, Navneeth Lakkadi1

1Radiology/CMRR, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

The clinical utility of 1H MRS measurements in breast cancer is well-established. The question of whether or not a total choline (tCho) resonance is detectable in normal breast is relevant to the clinical application. This work aims to measure the total choline concentration in the normal (non-lactating, asymptomatic) human breast and determine if normal subjects can be used to developing new sequences. Using single-voxel spectroscopy and T2-corrected water as an internal reference, a tCho peak was identified in 9/14 subjects, with a median [tCho] of 0.46 mmol/kg. tCho detection was predictable based on the unsuppressed water SNR.