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Abstract #1225

MRI Estimate of Central & Peripheral Pulse-Wave Velocity Via Velocity-Encoded Projections

Michael Charles Langham1, Cheng Li1, Jeremy Magland1, Felix Werner Wehrli1

1Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Numerous studies have provided evidence of elevated aortic pulse-wave velocity (PWV) to complement the traditional cardiovascular disease risk factors. Quantification of peripheral PWV (e.g. iliac, femoral and popliteal arteries) has received much less attention even though some studies indicate peripheral PWV to be preferable since, unlike central artery PWV, peripheral PWV does not increase with age and its elevation may therefore be more specific to disease. Here we demonstrate a projection-based MRI method for quantification of PWV at multiple arterial segments as a possible means for detection of early endothelial dysfunction.