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Abstract #1226

Inflammatory Atherosclerotic Plaque Can Be Reproducibly Assessed by 3T Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI for Multi-Center Studies

Huijun Chen1, Jie Sun1, William S. Kerwin1, Niranjan Balu1, Daniel S. Hippe1, Daniel Isquith1, Yunjing Xue1, Suzanne Peck1, Chun Yuan1, Kevin O'Brien1, Xue-Qiao Zhao1

1University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

Inflammation plays an important role in both atherosclerotic plaque progression and rupture. Kinetic parameters derived from DCE-MRI (Ktrans and vp), has been proved to correspond with permeability and blood supply, which are related to inflammatory processes. However, the inter-scan reproducibility of these kinetic parameters in atherosclerotic plaque has not been investigated for multi-center studies, which is essential for prospective studies. In this study, we established the reproducibility of Ktrans and vp and analyzed the sample size needed to detect changes of these parameters, using 3T scanners in a multi-center design.