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Abstract #1447

Changes in Foot Orientation Alters Residual Dipolar Couplings of Creatine & Phosphocreatine in the Skeletal Muscle of Rats

Nikita Agarwal1, Loyola D'Silva1, Sambasivam S. Velan1

1Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore, Singapore

In this work we have analyzed the residual dipolar couplings on Creatine (Cr) and Phosphocreatine (PCr) in the skeletal muscle spectra of the Tibialis Anterior muscle compartment in rats. The chemical shift separation of Cr, PCr, Taurine and carnitine is dependent on the foot angle which alters the orientation of the muscle fibers with respect to the main magnetic field. We have also measured the separation of Cr and PCr by changing the angle of the foot with respect to the main magnetic field.