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Abstract #1449

Bringing Quantitative Clinical Routine MR-Spectroscopy & Clinical MR-Image Viewing Together: Novel JMRUI Plug-Ins for DICOM-Network File Transfer DICOM Image Stack Analysis

Johannes Slotboom1, Dirk van Ormondt2, Danielle Graveron-Demilly3, Dan Stefan4, Caspar Brekenfeld1, Roland Wiest1, Gerhard Schroth1, Olivier Scheidegger1

1DRNN-DIN/SCAN, University Hospital Berne, Berne, Switzerland; 2Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands; 3Laboratoire Creatis-LRMN, Universit Claude Bernard LYON 1, Lyon, France; 4Alter Systems

Most advanced applications for quantitative MRS can poorly be integrated in clinical routine workflow. The reasons are: (1.) they have very rudimentary image display/analysis possibilities; (2.) they have no DICOM-network capabilities for receiving/sending spectroscopy/image report files using the DICOM network protocol (data must manually be exported to off-line files (time consuming)), and (3.) they are file oriented, i.e. the user has to open files. Clinical users however do not work file-oriented, but patient/study/series-oriented. This paper reports on developed plug-ins for jMRUI to make quantitative MRS attractive for clinical routine-use.