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Abstract #1450

Highly Resolved 2D ISIS CT-PRESS in Human Brain using Enhanced Window for Shifted Echoes

Hidehiro Watanabe1, Nobuhiro Takaya1, Fumiyuki Mitsumori1

1Environmental Chemistry Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Shifted echo center causes overlapped tilted peaks in the 2D CT-PRESS spectra. To achieve highly resolved 2D CT-PRESS spectra in human brain, a resolution enhancement window function was proposed. This window function consists of an enhancement part for shifting echoes and a conventional window part, such as Lorentzian, Gaussian or sine-bell. 2D CT-PRESS spectra were obtained from human brains at 4.7 T. While three peaks of GABA C2H (2.28 ppm), Glu C4H (2.35 ppm) and Gln C4H (2.44 ppm) were overlapped on the spectra applied with the conventional window, these peaks were resolved on the spectra with the enhancement window.