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Abstract #1546

Cerebral Arterial Blood R2* & Volume Measurements During Stimulation

Tae Kim1, Soeng-Gi Kim1

1Neuroimaging Laboratory, Radiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

cerebral arterial blood R2* and volume, and their changes during stimulation was measured by arterial spin labeling technique with a short labeling duration of 700 ms. R2* of arterial blood (53.5 15.3 s-1) is larger than tissue R2* (37.1 7.1 s-1) at 9.4 T, and the R2* change in arterial blood is not significant during stimulation. Arterial blood volume increased from 0.64 0.23 ml/100g to 0.93 0.23 ml/100g during stimulation.