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Abstract #1818

Novel Orthogonal Double Solenoid (ODS) Volume RF Coil for Small Animal Imaging

Krishna N. Kurpad1

1Radiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, United States

Solenoids are known to be inherently high SNR coils that also generate highly homogeneous radio frequency magnetic (B1) fields. Traditional solenoidal coils generate B1 field that is parallel to the static magnetic (B0) field. Here, we present a novel variant of the solenoid coil, the Orthogonal Double Solenoid (ODS) coil that generates transverse B1 field when placed with its axis parallel to the B0 field in dedicated high field small animal horizontal bore systems. We conclude that the performance of a linear ODS coil is comparable to commercial quadrature birdcage coils with sufficient head room for further improvement.