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Abstract #1819

Transceiver Double Crossed Saddle for Rodents at 2T

Daniel Papoti1, Edson Luis Gea Vidoto1, Mateus Jos Martins1, Alfredo O. Rodrguez2, Alberto Tanns1

1Instituto de Fsica de So Carlos, So Carlos, So Paulo, Brazil; 2UAM Iztapalapa, DF, Mexico, Mexico

Small animal MR imaging and spectroscopy, where spatial resolution is a limiting factor, requires the use of distinct transmit and receive coils. This approach makes easier the optimization of the RF field homogeneity for transmit-only coils and signal-to-noise ratio for receive-only coils. It also requires that RF coils should be electrically decoupled, commonly using PIN diodes. This work describes the development and double crossed coil operating in the transceiver mode for magnetic resonance imaging of rodents at 2T. Experimental and theoretical comparisons of coil performance were carried out using a standard birdcage coil.