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Abstract #2002

Independent Component Analysis of DTI Reveals Multivariate Microstructural Correlations of Human Brain White Matter

Yi-Ou Li1, Fan-Pei Yang1, Christopher Nguyen2, Shelly Cooper1, Sara LaHue1, Sandya Venugopal1, Pratik Mukherjee1

1University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States; 2University of California Los Angeles

We perform a whole-brain multivariate analysis of microstructural white matter correlations at the voxel scale using independent component analysis (ICA). The resulting independent components show distinct spatial localization patterns indicating high fractional anisotropy co-variation across subjects. These component maps localize the strongest microstructural correlations to well-known anatomic white matter pathways, or homologous pairs of pathways, as well as segmenting certain large tracts into functionally distinct subdomains that have different patterns of connectivity. Thus, ICA of DTI maps might provide an interesting alternative to tractography for studying white matter microstructure in the normal human brain and in neurological and psychiatric disorders.