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Abstract #2129

Flow-Weighted IVASO-DS for Absolute Arterial CBV Quantification

Kathrin Lorenz1, Toralf Mildner1, Andre Pampel1, Harald E. Mller1

1Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

Inflow vascular-space-occupancy with dynamic subtraction (iVASO-DS) is a non-invasive MRI method for absolute arterial cerebral blood volume (aCBV) quantification. In the present study, mild flow-weighting (FW) gradients were added to the imaging readout. Experiments without FW gradients show a significant drop of the measured aCBV from more than 3% at TI=839ms to about 1.5% at TI=1143ms in regions which are dominated by signals from larger-scale arteries. This drop is explained by non-inverted blood reducing the iVASO-DS contrast at longer TI. It is shown that experiments with FW gradients effectively remove this source of error yielding aCBV values of about 1%.