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Abstract #2157

Baseline T2 MRI Texture Predicts Visual Recovery in Patients with Acute Optic Neuritis

Yunyan Zhang1, Fiona Costello1, James N. Scott, Luanne M. Metz1

1University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

Fourteen patients with acute optic neuritis (ON) were imaged at baseline and month 6. T2 lesion length, gadolinium-enhancing activity, and the area ratio of optic nerves were evaluated over time. In addition, T2 lesion texture, retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and visual acuity were analyzed simultaneously. T2 lesion texture at baseline was the only variable that correlated with acute vision loss; it was also the only measurement that predicted visual recovery over 6 months. These findings may suggest that T2 MRI texture is a potential indicator of functional outcome in patients with ON.