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Abstract #2215

Distribution of Diffusivity Changes in Subcortical Deep Gray Matter in Prion Diseases

Raffaele Lodi1, David Neil Manners1, Emil Malucelli1, Claudia Testa1, Giovanni Rizzo1, Sabina Capellari2, Rosaria Strammiello2, Giulia Pierangeli2, Pietro Cortelli2, Pasquale Montagna2, Bruno Barbiroli1, Caterina Tonon1, Piero Parchi2

1MR Spectroscopy Unit, Dept. Internal Medicine, Aging & Nephrology, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy; 2Neurological Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Objectives. To assess the relationship between MD changes and prion disease (PD) subtypes in deep gray matter structures (DGM) . Methods. MD values were calculated in DGM in nine prion disease patients and 12 matched controls, using a completely operator-independent method. Results. MD values were reduced in the caudate and putamen of prion patients. Prion patients showed an increased variability of MD values in the basal ganglia and thalamus. Conclusions. MD values were increased in subtypes where there is little or no spongiosis, but variably reduced in basal ganglia of different sCJD sub-types all characterized by the presence of spongiosis