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Abstract #2231

Changes in Glucose Level with Age & Its Correlation with Severity of Plaque Deposition in a Transgenic Model of Alzheimers Disease

Firat Kara1, Kristin Mbius1, Mark A. van Buchem2, Huub J. M. de Groot1, Reinhard Schliebs3, Alia Alia1,4

1Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, Leiden, South holland, Netherlands; 2Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Centrum, Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands; 3Department of Neurochemistry, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany; 4Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Centrum, Leiden, Netherlands

Glucose uptake and metabolism has been shown to be impaired during Alzheimers disease and is suggested to be an important cause of neurodegeneration. However the cause of impairment of glucose uptake/metabolism is AD brain and its correlation with plaque deposition is not clear. In this study, we longitudinally monitored, the change in glucose level in APPTG2576 mouse model of AD using in vivo MRS in conjunction with MRI and ex vivo HR-MAS 1H MRS. Our results indicate that decline in glucose level occur primarily in plaque affected areas of the brain of APPTG2576 mice and show a temporal correlation between glucose decline and plaque deposition in AD brain.