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Abstract #2247

Isoflurane Elevates Brain Lactate in a Dose-Dependent Manner: A Localized 1H MRS Study of Mouse Brain In Vivo

Susann Boretius1, Roland Tammer1,2, Thomas Michaelis1, Jens Frahm1

1Biomedizinische NMR Forschungs GmbH, Max-Planck-Institut fuer biophysikalische Chemie, Gttingen, Germany; 2DFG Research Center for Molecular Biology of the Brain (CMPB), Gttingen, Germany

Volatile anesthetic drugs like isoflurane are widely used in animal research and human medicine. Here, we evaluated the influence of isoflurane on brain lactate and other cerebral metabolites in comparison to intravenous anesthetic drugs using in vivo localized proton MRS of healthy mice. Isoflurane provoked a reversible dose-dependent elevation of lactate concentrations, which was accompanied by increases of alanine, reductions of glucose, and a shift from phosphocreatine towards creatine. These findings may be of crucial importance not only for animal studies of brain metabolism, but also for human anesthesiology.