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Abstract #2252

Measurement of Metabolic Rates in Rat Olfactory Bulb by 1H & 1H-[13C] NMR In Vivo

Golam M. I. Chowdhury1, Graeme F. Mason1, Kevin L. Behar1, Douglas L. Rothman1, Robin A. de Graaf1

1MRRC, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, United States

MR spectroscopy of the olfactory bulb is particularly challenging due to its small size and proximity to bone and nasal cavities, distorting field homogeneity with loss in sensitivity and resolution. Using optimized shimming and adiabatic pulse sequences at 9.4 Tesla, we obtained high quality 1H MR spectra of GABA (J-edited) and 1<sup>H-[ <sup>13<sup>C]-MRS of <sup>13<sup>C labeled metabolites and measured the rates of glucose and acetate metabolism in olfactory bulb. Metabolic fluxes were determined by fitting a three-compartment metabolic model to time courses of 13C labeling of brain glutamate and glutamine measured from rats OB receiving timed infusions of [1,6-<sup>13<sup>C 2<sub>]glucose or [2- <sup>13<sup>C]acetate.