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Abstract #2290

Relation Between 1H & 31P MRS Biomarkers & Immunohistochemical Markers of Cell Death & Inflammation in a Perinatal Asphyxia Piglet Model

Nicola Jayne Robertson1, Manigandan Chandrasekaran1, Stuart Faulkner1, Alan Bainbridge2, Dorottya Kelen1, Sudhin Thayyil1, Ernest Cady1, Xavier Golay3, Gennadij Raivich1

1Institute for Women's Health, University College London, London, United Kingdom; 2Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University College Hospitals, London, United Kingdom; 3UCL Institute of Neurology, United Kingdom

1H MRS thalamic lactate/NAA is used as a bridging biomarker in pre-clinical studies and as a surrogate endpoint in phase II perinatal asphyxia neuroprotection trials. We assessed the relation between 1H and 31P MRS biomarkers and immunohistochemical markers of cell death and neuroinflammation in our piglet perinatal asphyxia model. Lac/NAA showed a particularly strong positive correlation with TUNEL+ nuclei averaged across the forebrain at 48h (R2= 0.57). Other metabolite correlations were Pi/EPP (R2= 0.52), Lac/Cr (R2=0.50), NAA/Cr (R2=0.49), NTP/EPP (R2=0.36), PCr/EPP (R2=0.32), pHi (R2 = 0.14). Microglial ramification was particularly correlated with NTP/EPP (R2=0.40) and less with Lac/NAA (R2= 0.24).