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Abstract #2519

Brain Bioenergetic Changes Caused by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation; a 31P MRS Study

Caroline Rae1, Vincent Lee2, Colleen Loo3, Roger Ordidge4

1Neuroscience Research Australia, Randwick, NSW, Australia; 2School of Medical Sciences, the University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia; 3School of Psychiatry, the University of New South Wales, Australia; 4Dept of Medical Physics, University College London, United Kingdom

We studied 9 normal subjects using a 3T-compatible transcranial direct current stimulator to apply anodal stimulation over the DLPFC in a sham-controlled study. 31P MR spectra were obtained from the fronto-temporal lobe before, during and for 20 min following stimulation. Intracellular pH, ATP and PCr were increased by tDCS, with pH and ATP rising rapidly during stimulation. PCr increased over time and continued to increase following stimulation, while inorganic phosphate decreased. These data show that direct current stimulation increases brain bioenergetic capacity, through net synthesis of ATP followed by equilibration with PCr.