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Abstract #2576

Creating a One-Stop Shop? 3D Black Blood Vessel Wall Imaging Would Combine Information of Luminal Severity & Plaque Composition

Li Dong1, Hao Shen2, Xiaojie Zhang1, Wei Yu1, Zhaoqi Zhang1, Hua Guo3, Ren Wang1, Dongxu Lu1, Chun Yuan3,4

1Capital Medical University, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing, China, People's Republic of; 2GE Healthcare; 3School of Medicine, Tsinghua University; 4University of Washington

We hypothesized that 3D black blood, a single sequence, can quantify carotid stenosis and plaque composition simultaneously. Bilateral carotid arteries from 9 symptomatic subjects underwent 3D SPGR and MRA scans. There was an excellent correlation of measuring stenosis between 3D SPGR and MRA (r = 0.95, p < 0.001). For those arteries with corresponding histology (n = 5), good agreements in identifying major plaque components were found. Therefore, 3D black blood images allow interactive reconstruction in arbitrary planes providing a more thorough visualization of luminal severity and plaque components.