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Abstract #2577

Multi-Modal MRI Analysis for Automatic Trajectory Planning of Deep Brain Stimulation Neurosurgery

Silvain Briault1, Fahd Al Subaie2, Kelvin Mok3, Abbas F. Sadikot2, G. Bruce Pike1

1McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montral, Qubec, Canada; 2Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery, Montreal Neurological Institute; 3Neuronavigation Unit, Montreal Neurological Institute

We propose an automated method for preoperative trajectory planning of deep brain stimulation image-guided neurosurgery. Our framework integrates multi-modal MRI analysis (T1w, SWI, TOF-MRA) to determine an optimal trajectory to the subthalamic nuclei while avoiding critical brain structures for prevention of hemorrhages, loss of function and other complications. Results show that our automatic method aggregates several surgical requirements into a meaningful trajectory ranking, providing neurosurgeons with an intuitive decision-support system intended to improve standard (manual) planning techniques offered by commercial neuronavigation platforms. Our method analyzes over 12,000 trajectories in less than 4 minutes.