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Abstract #2607

Feasibility of High Resolution Mouse Brain Spiral Imaging at Very High Field (11.75T) for Perfusion Studies

Mohamed Tachrount1, Virginie Callot1, Patrick J. Cozzone1, Guillaume Duhamel1

1CRMBM / CNRS 6612, Facult de Mdecine, Universit de la Mditerrane, Marseille, France

Fast imaging sequences (e.g. EPI) are required for small animal studies which include multimodal approaches. With the increasing fields, EPI may not be applicable due to the increase of image distortions or strong susceptibility artifacts. Spiral imaging could be a good alternative as it offers similar acquisition speed performance with less sensitivity to susceptibility artifacts and motion. However, its successful application can be challenging because of B0 inhomogeneities and gradients imperfections. This works presents the investigation of spiral imaging feasibility at very high field (11.75T) for mouse brain imaging and, its application for brain perfusion study perfomed with ASL.