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Abstract #2608

Paleo-NMR: Micro-Imaging of Skeletal & Odontoskeletal Remains

Silvia Capuani1,2

1Physics Department Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy; 2CNR IPCF UOS Roma, Rome, Italy

Micro-MRI data compared to micro-CT, demonstrate that virtual histology of ancient bones and archeological teeth, based on micro-NMR images, can highlight some details that are not detectable with other non destructive techniques. In particular MRI shows an exquisite ability to investigate microstructural features of dentine and bone. As brain size, and other life-history traits correlate tightly with dental development while bones can tell us all about lifestyle, habits, diseases and death causes of our distant ancestors, the investigation proposed here may result a decisive support to paleo-pathological research and anthropological studies.