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Abstract #2650

3D Flow-Dephased Fast Spin Echo for MR Neurography: A Feasibility Study

Zhikui Xiao1, Lou Xin2, Shen Hao1, Cao Guang1

1Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Beijing, China, People's Republic of; 2Department of Radiology, PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China, People's Republic of

In this work, we implemented a 3D flow-dephasing prepared FSE sequence by adding a flow dephasing preparation pulse prior to 3D-FSE acquisition. This enables better blood signal suppression for isotropic high spatial resolution nerve imaging at 3.0T. In-vivo lumbosacral plexus results are shown to evaluate the proposed scheme. We show that flow-dephasing prepared image present significantly better blood vessel signal suppression with high spatial resolution.