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Abstract #2719

Cube Cx2: Free 3D T2w Dataset Along with 3D T2FLAIR Acquisition

Donglai Huo1, Xiaoli Zhao1

1GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, United States

3DFSE sequence (CUBE) is widely used in clinical now. In this abstract, a new 3DFSE acquisition method called Cube Cx2 (Cube Contrast times 2) is proposed to acquire a 3D Cube T2 weighted and a 3D Cube T2 FLAIR weighted data simultaneously, all within the same scan time as the original Cube T2 FLAIR sequence. Scan time are greatly saved (a 3D T2 weighted dataset is free), and the resulting two perfectly registered 3D datasets could also be potentially used for other research fields.