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Abstract #2760

Comparison of Two MRI-UTE Sequences for the Quantification (T1) of the Human Achilles Tendon

Peter Wright1, Richard Hodgson2, Vladimir Jellus3, Lars Lauer3, Matthew Robson4

1LMBRU, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2LMBRU, University of Leeds, United Kingdom; 3Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany; 4University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The Achilles tendon is commonly involved in degenerative and inflammatory tendinopathies. The aim was to compare T1 measurements in healthy human Achilles tendon using a saturation recovery (SR-) UTE and variable flip angle (VFA-) UTE sequence, which were initially corroborated in phantoms with an assumed gold standard inversion recovery spin echo (IR-SE) sequence. Phantom results showed good comparison between IR-SE and SR-UTE sequences (r2 = 0.9985 [p<0.02]) and IR-SE and VFA-UTE sequences (r2 = 0.9993 [p<0.01]). Healthy volunteer T1 measurements in the Achilles tendon were 725 42 ms and 698 54 ms for SR- and VFA-UTE sequences respectively.