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Abstract #2771

Chemical Exchange Transfer Imaging of Creatine

Anup Singh1, Mohammad Haris1, Kejia Cai1, Hari Hariharan1, Ravinder Reddy1

1CMROI, Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Creatine (Cr) plays an essential role in the storage and transmission of phosphate-bound energy. Using phantoms, it is demonstrated that CEST effect, between Cr (-NH2 protons) and bulk water protons (CrCEST), is highly sensitive to [Cr] concentration in physiological range and under physiological conditions at ultrahigh field(7T). In-vivo mapping of Cr using CrCEST is validated through modulation of Cr in rat brain tumor model. After intravenous injection of Cr solution, significant increase in CrCEST contrast as well comparable increase in Cr -CH2 resonance (in SVS) in is observed.