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Abstract #2846

Compressed Sensing on TDM-SENSE with Rotating RF Coil

Hua Wang1, Adnan Trakic1, Bing Keong Li1, Yeyang Yu1, Feng Liu1, Stuart Crozier1

1The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

This abstract presents the application of compressed sensing to rotating RF coil concept to exploit the data acquisition redundancy and better imaging quality, based on the fact that compressible signals can be reconstructed from randomly under-sampled frequency information, thus, the imaging acceleration can be achieved without sacrificing much image quality. The proposed method applies the recently developed Time-Division-Multiplexed Sensitivity Encoding scheme with compressed sensing framework to improve and accelerate the image reconstruction using a physically rotating RF coil. RF excitation pulse is randomized to generate a measurement matrix which is incoherent to the sparsity basis. The reconstruction performance is evaluated and shows improved reconstruction performance as compared with conventional case.