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Abstract #2910

Mapping Inversion Efficiencies of Adiabatic Pulses at 7T

Mayur Narsude1,2, Jos Marques1,2, Florent Eggenschwiler1, Rolf Gruetter1,3

1Laboratory for Functional & Metabolic Imaging, Ecole Polytechnique Fdral de Lausanne, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland; 2Department of Radiology, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland; 3Department of Radiology, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Transmit B1 field inhomogeneous distribution encountered at high magnetic field (7T and above) makes it difficult to achieve homogeneous inversion in the whole brain region. In the presented study, few inversion RF pulses are studied for their inversion efficiencies using in vivo B1 mapping and in-vitro measurements. It is demonstrated that whole brain inversion is possible at 7T at the cost of somewhat higher SAR. The observed inversion efficiencies in the CSF regions were as predicted by the model with slight deviations, which are likely due to T1rho during the inversion, in the white matter regions.