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Abstract #2911

Nonuniform & Multidimensional Shinnar-Le Roux RF Pulse Design

William A. Grissom1, Graeme C. McKinnon2, Mika W. Vogel1

1GE Global Research, Munich, Bavaria, Germany; 2GE Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, Wisconsion, United States

The Shinnar-Le Roux (SLR) RF pulse design algorithm is currently the most widely-used method for designing one-dimensional RF pulses on constant gradient waveforms due to its ease of use and optimality. Presently, no analogous method exists for designing multidimensional RF pulses on non-Cartesian gradient trajectories. In this work the SLR pulse algorithm is generalized to nonuniform and multidimensional excitation pulses via a novel problem parameterization and design problem framework. The method is validated and compared to methods conventionally used for large-tip-angle spiral and spectral-spatial pulse design.