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Abstract #3052

Comparison between Pre & Post Chemoradiation Therapy DCE-MR & PCT Findings: Initial Observations in Locally Advanced Rectal Tumors

Stefano Viotti1, Giuseppe Petralia1, Paul Eugene Summers1, Luke Bonello1, Moreno Pasin1, Roberto Di Filippi1, Massimo Bellomi1,2

1European Institute of Oncology, Milano, Italy; 2School of Radiology, Universit Statale degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy

The aim of our study was to compare DCE-MR and pCT parameters, pre and post neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy (NACRT) in patients with advanced rectal cancer. 13 patients underwent DCE-MR and pCT, before and after NACRT. Pre-treatment, moderate correlation was seen between Kep and BV (R=0.64), and trends between Ktrans and BV (R=0.56) and between Ve and PS (R= 0.55). Post-treatment Ktrans, Kep and IAUC60 had moderate correlations with PS (R=0.63, 0.61, 0.61 respectively). The changing relationships following NACRT between DCE and pCT parameters may relate to different models applied or balances between flow and permeability limited conditions for different contrast agents used.