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Abstract #3118

What is the Minimum Time Resolution Required for DCE-MRI Kinetic Analysis with Kety Model using Single- & Dual-Temporal-Resolution Techniques?

Ka-Loh Li1, Gerard Thompson1, Xiaoping Zhu1, Giovanni Buonaccorsi2, Alan Jackson1

1Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, the University of Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom; 2ISBE, the University of Manchester

Acquiring high temporal and high spatial resolution DCE-MRI with a volume covering whole brain is limited by current MRI hardware. Dual temporal resolution (DTR) DCE-MRI technique was proposed, where arterial input function was sampled much more frequently than tissue C(t) curves. Computer simulations were performed to determine minimum sampling rate necessary for accurate estimation of Ktrans , vp and ve under various Gaussian noise levels, when the DTR method is coupled with the extended Kety model. We have found that accuracy is still preserved by the DTR with a &t within 20 sec.