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Abstract #3119

Improving Quantitative Accuracy & Spatial Resolution of Parametric Imaging using a Dual-Temporal-Resolution DCE MRI Technique

Ka-Loh Li1, Salman Qureshi2, John Cain1, Amy Watkins1, Gareth Evans3, Simon Lloyd4, Xiaoping Zhu1, Alan Jackson1

1Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, the University of Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom; 2Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre, Salford Royal Hospital, Salford, United Kingdom; 3MRI, the University of Manchester; 4Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, United Kingdom

Temporal resolution of DCE-MRI is often compromised by high spatial resolution when large volume is necessary to cover whole brain. Under-sampled arterial input function (AIF) degrades measurement accuracy of kinetics. To improve spatial resolution, we propose a method that combines a dual temporal resolution (DTR) strategy and an analytical AIF. In vivo data from patients with acoustic neuroma and health controls were obtained. With the conventional method, measurement accuracy maintains only when &t is short (<10 seconds). The DTR method uses much longer &t (20 sec) and remains accurate, allowing much higher spatial resolution.