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Abstract #3206

T1-Rho Dispersion in Human OA Cartilage Specimens using HRMAS Spectroscopy at 11.7T

Keerthi Shet1, Hikari Yoshihara, Joe Schooler, John Kurhanewicz, Michael Ries, Xiaojuan Li

1Radiology, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States

HRMAS NMR spectroscopy was used to quantify T1-rho and T2 relaxation times and examine the T1-rho dispersion characteristics of human OA cartilage specimens. T2 of water in cartilage showed a bi-exponential decay, with the shorter component significantly higher in OA cartilage. A mono-exponential decay was a better fit to T1-rho of control cartilage as against a bi-exponential decay for OA-cartilage. The longer T1-rho component of OA cartilage was found to be significantly higher than the T1-rho of healthy cartilage which can be attributed to proteoglycan degeneration in OA cartilage.