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Abstract #3209

Free & Bound Water Quantification of Cortical Bone

Jiang Du1, Won Bae1, Hermida Juan2, Eric Diaz1, Christine Chung1, Darryl DLima2, Graeme Bydder1

1Radiology, University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA, United States; 2Scripps Reseach Institution

Bone water occurs at various locations and in different states. It is associated with the mineral phase, bound to the organic matrix, and a significant fraction occurs in more or less free form in the microscopic pores of the Haversian and the lacuna-canalicular systems. A measure of free water concentration can potentially provide a surrogate measure of bone porosity, while a measure of bound water reflects collagen content. Here we propose to use bi-component analysis of UTE images to quantify T2* and fractions of the free and bound water components in cortical bone.