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Abstract #3303

Dual VENC Phase Contrast MRI for Simultaneous Assessment of Blood Flow and Cardiac Motion

Waltraud Brigitte Buchenberg1, Michael Markl2, Simon Bauer2, Jelena Bock2, Ramona Lorenz2, Bernd A. Jung2

1Radiology, Medical Physics, , University Medical Centre, Freiburg, Germany; 2Radiology, Medical Physics, University Medical Centre, Freiburg, Germany

Methods to acquire the blood flow within the cardiovascular system or the myocardial motion have already been established. However, the simultaneous acquisition of this functional information requires two different velocity sensitivities (VENC) due to the different range of velocities. Therefore, a dual VENC phase contrast sequence was implemented allowing the acquisition of blood flow and cardiac motion in a single measurement and applied to five healthy volunteers.