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Abstract #3438

Association of MRS Measures in the Brain with Body Mass

Andrew A. Maudsley1, Varan Govind, Kris Arheart2

1Radiology, University of Miami, Miami, FL, United States; 2Epidemiology, University of Miami

Analysis of volumetric 1H MRSI data in a group of 140 normal subjects reveals patterns of residual magnetic field inhomogeneity associated with body mass index (BMI). Significant associations of metabolite concentrations with BMI were also observed, although interactions between BMI, age, B0, and linewidth are also indicated. It is hypothesized that line shape distortions associated with systematic differences in B0 inhomogeneity associated with body weight may impact in vivo MRS measures. Results indicate that investigations of MRI and MRS findings with BMI should account for potential impact of magnetic field inhomogeneities.