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Abstract #3488

Quantitative Measurement of Brain Deformation Caused by Pressure Loading of the Skull

Erik H. Clayton1, Agus Priatna2, Bradley D. Bolster, Jr.3, Philip V. Bayly1,4

1Mechanical Engineering & Material Science, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, United States; 2MR R&D Collaborations, Siemens Healthcare, St. Louis, MO, United States; 3MR R&D Collaborations, Siemens Healthcare, Rochester, MN, United States; 4Biomedical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, United States

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are common and often lead to permanent cognitive impairment, yet the condition remains poorly understood. Computer simulations of injury mechanics offer enormous potential for the study of TBI; however, they require accurate experimental data for validation. In this study, Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) imaging is used to measure brain tissue motion for the purposes of calculating strains imposed by acoustic extra-cranial pressure loading at 45 60, & 80 Hz. The unique features of this study are knowledge of the external loading (pressure amplitude) and the quantification of the brains response in terms of mechanical strain.