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Abstract #3490

Non-Contact Driver System for MR Elastography of the Breast

Jun Chen1, Kevin J. Glaser1, Eric G. Stinson1, Jennifer L. Kugel1, Richard L. Ehman1

1Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

Used in combination with dynamic CE-MRI, MRE has shown promising results for characterizing breast disease. Previously described MRE drivers contact the breasts directly for wave transmission into the breasts, with several disadvantages: (1) deforming the breasts; (2) the variability in mechanical coupling, depending on breast size; (3) requiring modification of the breast RF coil; (4) interfering with MRI-guided breast biopsy. This study evaluated an indirect-contact breast driver that does not require direct breast contact and can be used with any breast coil. The results demonstrated shear wave illumination of breast tissue equivalent to or better than existing drivers.